Thursday, March 10, 2011

thursday challenge....

                                               Thursday challenge
                                                       for fun and learning
                          "many" ( candies, crowd , paperclips , coins , collection......)

I made this fried savory cookie for tamatar ki chaat a while ago and liked this picture after cutting the rolled dough...neatly cut squares....many tiny squares...

And another picture of many cookies is this chewy oats cookies , baked a nice golden with cashew and raisins....

I baked it last year and want to bake it again with the same nuts....the recipe will be posted soon on my health food blog . A butter free and sugar free cookie .

Many cookies are completely guilt free in this case...


  1. LOL I love the Many Guilt Free cookies :)

  2. Thank you all ...

    Now even Homealone got a yummm comment :)

  3. Yummmy mouth-watering Cookies...and so many of them :) :)
    And the first pic is simply wonderful...following a set pattern until a point and then a slight disarray looks very interesting