Saturday, May 14, 2011

the river and the stones.....

No wonder the steps are stone
pink, dark, wet, cold and warm
but stone....
The river flows fast
really fast
waves up and down
billowing one after the other
in quick succession
racing with each other
to reach the undecided destination

They wet the stone
splash over it
The stone embraces them
just for a moment
they slow down during this embrace
and envelop over the stone
wetting it , getting it ...
and then
they just leave...

The stone remains wet
for a while
yearning for the lost embrace
for the wet kiss
and for the cold comfort ...

Then another wave comes
billowing , rolling , flowing
in it's own , new way
as if to rest here for a while...
but this one came again
not to stay ...
just for that quick embrace
the wet kiss ritual
and a low departure...

The stone is eager again
for the kiss , for the embrace
and for the cold comfort
not thinking
that this one
will pass on too...

The stone lay there
after a quite farewell
still with controlled emotions
being wet and cold
embracing all those waves
that come....

Waving all those
who don't keep their promise
and pass by
teasing the stone...
racing towards
the destination
they don't yet know....

Now i know why the steps are stone...
they have to be there for ever
to welcome all those
who are destined to go away
to welcome all those
who never keep their promise ...

The stone is still pink
dark , wet , cold and warm..
welcoming the sparkle...
The sparkle..
which is going to vanish
the next moment...
The sparkle ...
which will be missed
for eternity...