Tuesday, April 5, 2011

can you see me there.....?

                                           Thursday challenge 
                                                      for fun and learning
                     "REFLECTIONS" (Mirrors, Windows, Water, Sunglasses,...)
Can you see me on the beach ...the billowing surging waves seem so far and i stand this side of it .. this side of the endless universe

Does the universe has sides ?
It does when you see across a frame...or your perspective...

And now ...can you see me beyond that concrete jungle ?

Taking pictures of paintings is not a good idea , but i believe it is like an appreciation to the artist . In this case i do not know the artist , the signature was not clear and these picture were a part of an office decor ... there is a sign of "no mobile phones" too..could you see that ?

There was no sign of "no camera "...and i took advantage of that...:)

Some people would be able to recognize my kurta too , in the reflection :)