Saturday, May 11, 2013

being blessed....

Her poems are like blessing and it never fails to bring a smile on my face. Suranga Date is one lovely person who connects with people and nature so well, her poetry is transparent and imaginative, sometimes funny and sometimes just like a pure blessing. She wrote a few lines to me today, in a poetic way as always. She writes a wonderful poetry blog inspired by the beautiful pictures she comes across on the internet and social media almost everyday. But let me tell you a little more about the context.

Today is Mithi's birthday and the sun was not that harsh in the morning hours. I went out and worked in the garden for a while and plucked these fruits of labour, today's harvest. There are a few more things growing right now, there is some okra, cherry tomatoes and drumsticks but this kakdi (extreme left, Armenian cucumber) was a fist time harvest. The garden has been my heaven and you all know it by now if you have been on this blog a few times.

And see what Suranga wrote...

Mithi's older

and has amazing tastes.

Her love of greens,

makes them bloom

like a carpet 

across your garden,

as she sometimes

grins at a zuchchini,

and tangles with a brinjal

cribbing about 

having to share things

with a tomato.

Bok Choy

the latest 

outdoor craze,

peppers and 


making way 

for the lemongrass perfume,

as it wafts across your kitchen.

Tea for two
with Foccacia bread

studded with sundried stuff

and maybe olives

and a sliver of capsicum, 

as her mother gets up

to source

her latest 

homemade jam.

The birds,

the squirrels,

the parrots

all hot foot it

on to the verandah

to inhale the flavors 

of love.

Mithi has come to spend Mother's Day

with her Mumma and Papa.

Isn't this unadulterated love?

I am blessed.