Monday, March 14, 2011

please do not strangulate your angel.....

 I need a ranting dance of my fingers on this key board . Something which is bothering the heart can be relieved by this dance of the please read this post if you can take a long rant right now...otherwise a click will take you to more pleasant places around the webworld ...

Paulo Coelho says the angels are chosen by God , as an instrument to convey a good thing to you when you need it the most .... not in the same words but he means this , or as i perceive it. The person who plays an angel , may or may not be a noble soul but he/she has been chosen for the purpose....

God chooses an angel for you when he wants a smile on your face . Even for a moment . The angel sometimes doesn't know she/he is becoming the instrument of a God sent message.

Do you want that angel all for yourself?
For a life time?
Do you feel possessive about the angel?
Do you feel you are worthy enough that the angel be in your service all the time?
Do you strangulate the angel and become a smile starved person once again?

I feel very very uncomfortable when some people call me an angel . Whenever people shower me with words like you are the best thing that happened to my life ....
I am so thankful to God that i found you ...
I am blessed to find you as a friend...
You are an angel ...
(people use big words when they are shallow ...this is my experience)

These adornments makes me really uncomfortable because i have seen many of these people expecting a lot of things from me , taking me for granted ...ignoring all my discomfort very conveniently. I am one person who believes in selfless giving ( although i cannot afford to give away fortunes ) , so it is my time , my emotions and few more things which a little money can buy . I accommodate even when it is a bit stringent for limits are stretched sometimes but i still believe in being useful for someone who needs it.

Should that be a problem ??

The problem arises when people start to walk over me. They know that it takes a lot to say no for a person like me. It really hurts when someone is insensitive and imposes some work or expects some 'gifts' just because they need it at the time and it doesn't matter for them if that is okay for me at that time.... exploitation is a bigger word but this tendency touches the limits of the thing called so. It is definitely an act of cheating on a different level.

My ranting is not done yet....are you still reading?
Thank you.

I hate lies and can't tolerate people lying and playing cool at the same do they think that i can't get it . Just because i keep quite and don't point a finger at your lie?
And what these people do to hide the lie ....they assert the lie repeatedly , intentionally and even without a context . Sadly .

They loose the respect by being so assertive and repetitive with the lies , they loose the respect even for the good qualities they have .

How can i respect a person even on a human ground if he/she has been doing all the wrong things and expecting all the best things from me . I am no saint. I am sorry if that is what is expected from me.