Thursday, March 3, 2011

a car for the snails....

                                              Thursday challenge...
                                                     for fun and learning
                     "CARS" (New, Old, Sedans, Convertibles, Station Wagons, Sports,...)

       Humans have their own cars , flashy ,fast and flamboyant .... carbon ridden..

Hello I am Bobby Snail and this is my better half , Bebo Snail . We are the slow movers . Slower that the tortoise . But we never crash and we never fall off a cliff . See my home is right on top of the hill and my car is environment friendly . Perched on the cliff .

 My snail trail may be slimy but my carbon foot print is zero .

Delhi people fight for parking lots , i have the entire hill to myself and i am not afraid of the cliffs's so exciting to hang off the cliff.

Those two cars parked down the hill look so envious that they have turned almost green with envy ....but my car is the greenest !!

Contact us for you Snail Mail deliveries . We assure you of reliable service.
Green Snail Mail.
Thank you.


  1. he he he I love the green snail mail yayyyyyyyyyy


  2. I love the green snail mail too...:)

  3. Love this super cute, eco-friendly post :)

  4. Bobby and Bebo Snail say thanks to you ...

    The rock garden was splattered with dirt n rain drops , i shot it today . But the cloudy weather is good sometimes for the set the mood for the snails.

  5. He he he!!! Slowly but steady wins the race huh

  6. lovely description, cute cars ;)

  7. this simply chweet...............cho chweet..........

  8. Bobby and Bebo Snail say thanks to you all...

  9. Liked the lovely rock garden and your meaningful post too !

  10. hey Sangeeta...came to your blog from IHM's and read it all in one go...still trying to let the whole gamut of emotions sink in, but just wanted to say hi..and that I loved the pics on this post :-) wishing you lots of happiness and strength in your life..

  11. Hey anonymous ... I am so glad that you took the time to read this blog ...all in one go. I know it's not easy ..thank you for connecting..