Thursday, February 17, 2011

thursday challenge ...trees in all their glory...

This post is featured in Blogadda's spicy Saturday picks Feb 19-2011..
  "TREES" (Saplings, Gnarly Trees, Snow Covered, Bonsai, Dead Tree, Shade Tree,...)

If the Thursday challenge says trees , i have so many to set my eyes on.....laden with flowers .... and fruit ... and a few more things ....

A lemon tree ... in all its glory ....take a closer look....

And now see what else it holds....

Got it ?

It is a nest and a family still lives in it... in the next picture you can see one of it's inhabitants..... look at the dead stump of a tree... This a small birdie having a crimson shaded head and golden yellow back . Very shy very chirpy and moves in groups...

And now a gnarled and dead guava tree to which i have hung a bowl of water and a basket of food for the birds.... the squirrel is picking up some bread...

And then she moves to a place to sit and gnaws at the piece of bread ... i make corn bread for them...

And here is a rose bud , as if a princess caught up in a prison....

The prison of it's own thorns.....

And still smiling like the most beautiful and innocent kid....

Thank you IHM for suggesting to post my trees . This is the first time i am posting something for this challenge and thoroughly enjoyed doing this....My plants always make me so happy and they never ask something in return....

There is one more interesting picture of a tree......This is probably the milk thistle , a variety of Euphorbia , I will confirm later ( right now i am in a hurry to post and then go walking :) ).... see , looks like it is on flame....

The top of the tree has turned yellow orange and it looks like it is about to bear gold on it...:)


  1. Oh my God!!! Loved each one these amazing pictures!!!! The squirrel eating corn bread, the pink rose bud, the lemon tree,that amazing nest and it's inhabitants!!! What a treasure of a post. Loved it.

  2. Yup , back from walk ...
    Thank you . These squirrels have now started knocking at the door and calling from the windows when they don't get their food.

  3. Lovely pictures, Sangeetha! Thanks to IHM, I came here and this is the first time to your blog!

    Loved the one with the hanging nest which is the best!

  4. i'm still waiting for the trees here to go into blossom ;-)

  5. Wow beautiful.. look at that squirrel having a ball of a time :) and the nest tooo
    lovely pics ...


  6. Loved all the pics and lovely words to go with them too :)

  7. Hi there,
    caption for the rose bud was beautiful and poetic :)
    loved this post and off to explore more on your blog..


  8. Hi sangita, Tha t bird must be tickells flower pecker or a sunbird, pl find out what it is. U r making me long for a garden like this,Feb and march are the months ripe for any bird watcher, u semm to enjoy that,pl keep ur camera ready, u may spot a golden oriole or a bee eater. enjoy

  9. Thank Nirupama ... i am so delighted whenever you come to this space and give info about the birds...I will look for the birds you suggested , i see many of them and don't know their names.

    Thank you IHM for nominating this for spicy saturday picks on Blogadda..

  10. Loved the rose in the thorns and the squirrel is adorable.

  11. Thank you IHM... I never knew about this spicy saturday pick are introducing me to so many things :)

  12. Beautifully captured. Congrats on the Blogadda pick!

  13. Congrats Sangeeta !! Lovely post and those trees and flower and that amazing nest .. just loved all of it. Ab to I cant wait, I am gonna trail you and gate crash one day...;)

  14. Congrats on the Blogadda pick :):)Loved each and every picture that you have clicked especially the rose amidst the thorns