Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my signs to stay positive, stay blessed ...

Woke up early after a long time. Working like a maniac, not sleeping properly and seeing ungrateful, unethical people around had left me feeling like a buzzing head. Just a buzzing head, not with ideas but a numbing buzz.

The husband had to leave early today, and I decided to water the parched garden after days of neglect. Some insects have made the plants sick, yellowing, falling leaves were picked and thrown away. Some insects were buried into the soil alive. Yes, I was ruthless to them.

The three musketeers, the Bulbul chicks greeted me with a child like chirp. Hopping here and there, this time I didn't feel like going to grab the camera and click, they were happy playing, the camera makes them conscious. They huddle together like this when they see a prying eye, aided by a lens.

I know the picture is not good, was clicked 2 weeks ago late in the evening. The chicks have grown bigger now, more confident and have started teasing us like the adults do with their acrobatics. The wee birds haven't learned acrobatics yet but teasing they know how to go about.

Then I saw something unexpected. I was so lost in my own stupid  world that could not smell these beautiful Parijaat (Prajakta or Shiuli flowers) quietly cascading down the shrubs in the garden, just behind the Lemon tree. Picked them up, came inside, dusted this earthen plate and placed it in the waiting tray of my morning cuppa. Before settling down lazily to have my Darjeeling, brewed for long 15 minutes.

It was then I decided to look for my phone, clicked a picture and thanks to a smart phone in my hands now, uploaded the picture on facebook. This Poetry was born within minutes, courtesy Suranga who writes Gappa and Strewn Ashes, apart from a few more blogs. I am overwhelmed at the positive signs thrown at me by the universe. Thank you Suranga , this poetry felt like someone ran her fingers through my hair and blessed me with a smile.

This was when last night I was thinking how easily I am able to detach from the people who have been mean to me. I get completely blank of emotions for a few such people however sensitive and empathetic I used to feel for them. Jut one thing I need to learn and practice. No one ever should be able to influence me with a mention of Mithi, I just tend to open my heart like a fool, not valuing my own real estate.

On a mission to fortify myself against a few parasites and pests now. The changing weather must help. The Paarijaat brings me a new message.

I know I will be taken care of by the nature, giving me my signs when I need them the most.
Waking up early and stepping bare feet into the garden will be my effort.