Wednesday, November 10, 2010

diwali was great ...

Diwali was great .
There is always something to look up to , only i have to focus my eyes on that .
Small little things to feel good about .

There were no celebrations and it felt like a low and dull weak . The more i saw others cleaning and decorating the more i felt terrible . I wanted to clean up the house at least , lots of things needed my attention but everything was ignored very conveniently ...under the guise of self pity .

On the day of diwali i decided to drown myself in something crafty . Strange, but it was good . It was an instant idea of joining 4 handmade woolen mats to make two cushion covers . It took all my time till the afternoon .

These very old, much used mats were used for the most significant thing of their life .

 I clicked these pictures too after finishing them . These were two white and two black mats and i made two sided cushions with them ..

As soon as i finished them , a very sweet thing happened . In my neighborhood , an uncle is partially paralyzed for the last two years and he rarely goes anywhere ... other than hospital visits and a drive to India Gate her daughter treats him with . His family takes very good care of him and they decided to bring him to our place this Diwali . This is the beautiful thing happened this Diwali when this uncle brought me gifts and blessings . It was wonderful !!

Another very nice thing was that a couple who were apparently headed for divorce got together this Diwali .... and it was because of my small little contribution in their life . I had invested some of my time and lots of my emotions towards them and the result was really wonderful . I got a call from them how happy they are ...making some future plans . Isn't it a wonderful feeling when we touch lives and make a positive difference to each other .

I hope such wonderful things keep coming in my life . What do you feel ?? Could it be any better ??