Friday, June 8, 2012

Containers, Bowls, Baskets whatever....

Clicked this picture yesterday thinking I'll post it on the blog and ask for suggestions. Suggestions for balancing this little container of coconut shell that I used for planting this beautiful Jade plant. I love little plants in cute little containers around the house. Wish I had more space for all my plants. Most of them are outdoors, a few twigs find their way into small cute containers now and then.

So this coconut shell broke into two unequal halves. The bigger half had the hole which is naturally there for the coconut seed to sprout. I filled soil into the bigger half, planted the Jade in it and placed it into the smaller half so the water that drips from the main container is held by the smaller one. Now the problem was to balance the round bottomed natural container that it was. I placed an old glass bowl under it and kept it in a ceramic wide bowl which is again placed inside a cane basket. Yes, keep counting how many containers and baskets are there :-)

The problem is, I have way too many containers, pots, fruit bowls and baskets for a small home I live in. So I end up placing them one inside the other like this.

The suggestion that I wanted for this coconut container, how do I balance it on a plain surface? Any other ideas than the glass bowl. It does not just look right for a natural container.

Incidentally, this picture was clicked yesterday, that was a Thursday and today I see Bikram's post on containers, the theme for the current Thursday challenge. I wanted to post this picture immediately. And here it is.

Your suggestion is welcome....