Monday, August 5, 2013

sighting the black hooded oriole at NBRI botanical garden, Lucknow...

We always head towards the lotus pond first whenever visiting the botanical garden in NBRI campus, Lucknow. It's more of a narrow lake that is surrounded by wild grass and we could never go closer to take pictures. This time I had a new 55-300 mm lens so I zoomed in to capture those lotus fruits and flowers in it's full glory.

They make such a serene picture together.

As we moved towards the ancient banyan tree in the garden, we were welcomed by a sweet bird song. I speculated it to be oriole as it sounded familiar. We had spotted a pair of Eurasian golden oriole in Goa this January but this was the first sighting of black hooded oriole for us.

Singing and hopping around gleefully...

There were two of them this time too. But both of them males. Couldn't see a female oriole in the vicinity. She was certainly somewhere around as the incessant singing was to lure her only.

The botanical garden is rich with flora and fauna both...

This is a Nirgundi plant, flowering beautifully. Vitex nigundo.

Here is a Bauhinia flower happily soaked in rain.. Bauhinia acuminata or dwarf white bauhinia, white orchid tree.

Here is one female of the Purple sunbird sucking nectar from  Kaner (Nerium) flower.

Many more bird pictures to be shared here, hoping I will be able to post them one by one very soon.


  1. I didnt notice this one, iam loving this.

  2. Lovely images of the Lotus and Bird! It's awesome.

  3. That pink beak on a black head looks lovely. You are lucky to have spotted them.
    The Nirgundi plant looks pretty.

  4. Beautiful ! U made my remind my childhood days..when i used to visit NBRI wid my Nana(He was J.Scientist thr)n collected as many as possible to hold in my small hands..still remember rose farms of all possible colors..:)
    thanks !♥
    P.S. You hv beautiful blogs !