Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Verditer Flycatcher : a miniature bird but hard to miss even in the most verdant backgrounds...

We were in Simla for a short duration last week and it was a pleasant break from work pressure and scorching heat of Delhi. We had great company, great places to visit and a camera in hand as always. We trekked a lot, rested, had our food and trekked some more. I was in Simla after 3 decades and felt the same warmth in the hills though a few things have changed. Most tourist attractions change over the years catering to the demands of changing needs of tourists of the contemporary times I guess. The places untouched by tourists are the same as ever, much to my relief. More about those issues later, I am more excited about the birds we spotted there.

This is the view of Glen valley from out window around 7 AM. Can you see something amidst all the greenery?

That tiny spot of bright copper sulfate blue can you see?

Have a closer look...

This is how my 105 mm lens can capture when the bird is this far. But it shows alright how pretty this little bird is. A female of Verditer flycatcher I think.

Later in the day while trekking down to reach Chadwick falls, Arvind spotted this male which was closer as the canopy of the pine trees was at our level while climbing down.

Beautiful bird....

And then he turned a little bit ...

We had spotted this bird on McLeodgunj last year though it is found in Delhi as well.

Will be back with more birds we spotted in Simla. Trying to process the pictures slowly and post them one by one here. Hope you all like the birds as much as I did.


  1. It's like the bird is posing for your shot ...

  2. Now this called "Shooting with camera"...excellent shot and the bird is "BEAUTY".