Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Olive back sunbird ... snacking on some healthy things...

Drumstick flowers are super food of the common man . Rich in nutrients needed for good bones and skeletal system . Birds need that too and they know where to look for some healthy food. They come to the garden of a health food blogger :)

Her yellow breast finds a great camouflage with that color of the drumstick flowers. This picture was taken a couple of months back . The health food blogger is a lazy person when it comes to the things that make her happy .

Can you believe that?

But she is working hard these days making her bones stronger :)

Looking through the pictures this bird reminded me to go pluck some drumstick leaves and use it for a nice daal or egg scramble.

Isn't she cute ?
Does she inspire you to eat healthy?


  1. :) how u manage to take thee [pics I wish i knew and also find the names of the birds ..


  2. And Bikram you still forget which blog you saw the green bird haan !!
    I do such hard work and you people forget where you saw the bird :(

  3. sunbirds are indianised hummingbirds, i would, when they flip their wings in air as humming birds do, they are lovely, noisy and beautiful

  4. yes the all day long chirping of these sun birds keeps me happy...a purple sun bird is keeking even as i am typing this .

  5. Love these shots! Just look at the eyes and the beak in the second picture! So what did you make with Senjna leaves??

  6. @IHM .... I made a nice daal with the senjna leaves . Does she inspire you to eat healthy too ?

  7. inspiring indeed!
    cool captures!

  8. oye!! you are also into drumstick leaves !! gale milo:))