Friday, May 27, 2011

brown headed barbet drinking water ...

They are feasting on the small green jamun berries in the garden and in the neighborhood gardens too but this one must have been really thirsty to come down to have a sip of water even when i was standing at some distance...otherwise i have noticed , they are very shy...The triangular rock in the rack garden set up looks like a resting place for all birds ....

But this barbet descended down to the bird bath quickly , had his fill , looked at me ....see how he looks at me...

And retreated quickly .... to the same bunch of jamuns hanging there....


  1. Dear Sangeeta
    Very nice capture! So you get all kind of birds in your garden..
    Happy bird watching

  2. This bird is so beautiful, love the yellow around the eyes! I envy you for having so many birds in your garden!! Right in your garden!

    I have seen Barbet with slight whiskers... this one doesn't seem to have any, maybe only male or female barbets have whiskers.
    Love all your birding posts!!

  3. Oh I so wanna come visiting, to see those lovely visitors, and the creator of this beautiful garden too ;)

  4. what more can i ask for sangeeta, One day surely iam going to land up in ur garden, Pl check if it has made any nest nearby,

  5. Thank you everybody...

    @ IHM ...may be this one has whiskers but the picture is noisy . I clicked it in a hurry as they are very shy and don't sit on ground level for too long. Looking forward to click better pics.

    @ Swaram are most welcome :)

    @ Nirupama are welcome and i know you would do more justice to the presence of these birds here. Now tell us about the barbet whiskers ..will you?

  6. Wonderful visitors you have!! Lovely captures too!! :)

  7. I am amazed how you get the naems of all the birds .. I could never figure out the names .. I am good with the Names
    black bird brown bird :)

    lovely pictures ...


  8. ha ha Bikram...i learned the names as you are seeing and learning now...

  9. yeah i was thinking about whiskers, sundar gifted me a beautiful book,"birds of INdia" Om field guides,there are about 10 species of barbets, found in INdia, Going by the pics in that book, It must be Lineated barbet, about 28 cms long and looking more like a brown headed barbet.Mostly seeen in north east and lesser himalayan region. PL check

    I learnt that the nesting season of INdian grey hornbill is from Apr to jun, We were lucky to spot one male bird( as female encloses itself while nesting) in our backyard park and felt exited, today when we were back from some temple outskirts HYd, one horn bill jus passed our car, Sundar missed it as there was little traffic, but within mts another one passed by very closed to him, The head of the family is in constant search for food,

  10. Thank you so much Nirupama....

    Even i spotted a grey horn-bill today during our morning walk and i could click a picture too . But it is a hazy picture , hope to get a decent pic soon.

    We see a lot of nests of vultures on high branches of a tree and they are very noisy early in the morning.

    We learn so much from you here.

  11. What a beautiful bird! And captured so well by you. I wish I would get lucky and spot birds in my vicinity, other than the ubiquitous crows, pigeons and mynahs.
    Hoping to see (virtually) many more lovely birds here.

  12. Awww such a beautiful birdie :)wow :)

  13. Welcome to homealone Himadri...
    The birds make me so happy everyday...i clicked some pictures of this guy today too.

  14. Amazing pics sangeeta! Caught in the concrete jungle of delhi, I wonder when I am gonna see such beauties again...sniff!!

    Scribblers Inc.

  15. Very nice captures :) I loved the photograph where the Barbet is looking directly at you :)