Saturday, March 26, 2011

what are you doing during the Earth hour....

Switching your lights off for an hour may look like a difficult task in the modern life . But just think about it being therapeutic for you , not just for the planet...
Here are some ideas how you can make this hour fun for you...

1..Go for a rejuvenating walk , do not worry about the traffic and late hours pollution if you live in a metro city , go to walk in a park or chose your own home for walking . you can do some serious walking within the four walls of your home with music playing on...

2..Bring some nice candles and keep them in front of a mirror for a beautiful late evening . Some good music for the soul , a nice drink or snack and this can be a daily routine for you if you like it....imagine celebrating Earth hour everyday...( the drink needs not be alcoholic everyday )...

3..What about a game of antyakshari ...this is what we used to do during power cuts in our childhood days. Do it now if you haven't done it yet . Low phone call rates allow you to play antyakshari over the phone or go to twitter and play antyakshari ...what an idea !!!

4..A candle lit dinner if you feel like , this one can be a daily routine too ...extending the Earth hour in your life...everyday...

5..Take a nap if you are exhausted and start with a meditation or Yog Nidra if you can...going early to bed has been a forgotten habit and may be you can try this for one day...catching up on your lost sleep..

Watching some nuclear power plants going on a rampage must have shaken you act today and think about the planet .... it is a living body ...a system on work .... and can react to something overburdening it...


  1. Cool ideas to implement the Earth Hour everyday!!

  2. fun ideas -loved the antakshari bit , u r right as kids we did the same thing too during power cuts !@!

  3. Extremely cute Ideas. I love it


  4. So true, the last lines...

    And I agree we should have Earth day every day. I hope to take moon shots maybe or go for a walk during the Earth Hour.
    Or maybe spend an hour on twitter :)

  5. We had to deal with so much and so frequent power cuts in UP. And during our childhood we did not even use the generators and inverters were quite unheard off!! Gosh, seems as if I am talking about ancient history :) :)In case of power cuts, specially in the evenings , we kids would rush outdoors and the other kids from the building would also come out and we would enjoy our extra playtime and yes antakshari used to be universal choice:)

    This year earth hour was fun.. just enjoyed an hour of chatting with the family..and chatting felt differnt becuae the infernal TV was switched off :)

  6. So true Amrita...we all like being nostalgic at so many things bit those things which involved a simpler life devoid of all the gadgets is never remembered as a loved and cherished life...hope we could peel off those unnecessary bugs off our psyche... I feel so comfortable without so many electronic comforts which are just pushed into our homes ... as a fashionable thing , as a status things or just for the sake of acquiring something new....and nobody thinks of the power crisis and how that is being overcome ...

  7. Very well said, the last lines.
    And loved the ideas :)
    We went the candle light dinner and antakshari way :)

  8. We were kids when we used to have powerless nights in NCR region and some years ago in Noida/Delhi region where people have spent their nights in cars to avoid being a burnt cake inside their homes in hot summer months when frequent powercuts were soo motto will be to save power everyday switching off extra lights/electrical appliances in home etc ...these are very nice ideas ..hugs and smiles

  9. Awee...
    Swaram and Jaya.....doing our bit for the planet ( we call it our 'mother earth' isn't it ) is so simple and i am glad a few people like you are doing it..

  10. Lovely idea .. I do go for a run early morning and yes I do take Naps.. now and again :)