Sunday, March 20, 2011

my super moon ....

What do you do when your camera is playing pranks on you and you get an opportunity to shake hands with moon one fine day .... No pictures of the celebrity rendezvous worth looking at but the meeting with the childhood sweetheart was great nevertheless. Bringing a sense of ataraxis and tranquility to my world . 
All the pictures of that devastating tsunami in japan were washed away least for the i thought how could this innocent looking 'chaand ka tukda'(a slice of moon) err...'poora chaand'( full moon) can do this to humanity .....I think he just came closer to reassure ...all is well ...

aaal izzz welll...

A noisy photo but the tree provided a very nice effect...

He peeped into my world through the trees and ascertained my peace of one turned looney , not even the sea waves ....and certainly not the belly of the mother earth.

Tell me friends ... didn't you feel good watching chandamama ( uncle Moon as all Indian children know him)?

Do you feel some research in the future will tell that he was the one behind this sabotage ..... of the destruction of the land of sunrise ?

I would like to believe otherwise... wouldn't you ?


  1. lovely sangita, also thanks for spending a lot of time with my phots

  2. Liked the imagery of Chanda Mama taking a peep into your world to ascertain your welfare. :)

  3. Loved the narrative and the bright, bright moon saying 'aal eej well'!!! What an idea sir-jee.

    Did you take the picture in the evening? The moon does look bigger and brighter, I read today, that it was only big at 6-7 pm, just when it was rising.

  4. Thanks IHM...This picture was taken around 11.55 PM .... i was watching the moon 9 PM onwards and it seemed brighter later in the night.. May be in the evening it was brighter that that.

  5. Oh the tree's effect is really beautiful :)
    I luvv Chandamama too :)

  6. I would have felt good had i got a chance to view it .. it was so cloudy I saw nothing :(

    but have seen lot of lovely pictures here at IHM and others tooo


  7. sangeeta ek arase ke baad laptop touch kar rahee hoo.
    ab theek hoo par easy lena hai.
    blog par aana accha laga.

  8. The picture is very nice [especially the way the it looks behind the trees]. Vivid description. Thumbs up again! :)