Wednesday, November 10, 2010

diwali was great ...

Diwali was great .
There is always something to look up to , only i have to focus my eyes on that .
Small little things to feel good about .

There were no celebrations and it felt like a low and dull weak . The more i saw others cleaning and decorating the more i felt terrible . I wanted to clean up the house at least , lots of things needed my attention but everything was ignored very conveniently ...under the guise of self pity .

On the day of diwali i decided to drown myself in something crafty . Strange, but it was good . It was an instant idea of joining 4 handmade woolen mats to make two cushion covers . It took all my time till the afternoon .

These very old, much used mats were used for the most significant thing of their life .

 I clicked these pictures too after finishing them . These were two white and two black mats and i made two sided cushions with them ..

As soon as i finished them , a very sweet thing happened . In my neighborhood , an uncle is partially paralyzed for the last two years and he rarely goes anywhere ... other than hospital visits and a drive to India Gate her daughter treats him with . His family takes very good care of him and they decided to bring him to our place this Diwali . This is the beautiful thing happened this Diwali when this uncle brought me gifts and blessings . It was wonderful !!

Another very nice thing was that a couple who were apparently headed for divorce got together this Diwali .... and it was because of my small little contribution in their life . I had invested some of my time and lots of my emotions towards them and the result was really wonderful . I got a call from them how happy they are ...making some future plans . Isn't it a wonderful feeling when we touch lives and make a positive difference to each other .

I hope such wonderful things keep coming in my life . What do you feel ?? Could it be any better ??


  1. Dear Sangeeta
    Here after a long time. Congratulations ! You have done a great job, for the couple, to the mats and for the neighbor. I want you to be in this spirit as much as possible..a distraction with some thing meaningful makes a great moment
    Have a nice day tomorrow and the day after and so on

  2. Love the light in the pictures!

    And the couple is lucky to know someone like you. Best wishes to them and to you.

  3. Sangeeta,
    It's a lovely space..and so good to hear about the couple,neighbour uncle and of course your lovely creations "mats"..and it's these small pleasures that makes our life so beautiful..even reading this makes me smile and feel happy , see the impact :-)..hugs and smiles

  4. IHM ,

    The pictures of the couch where i fit in like a fat potato does get great light and the view outside is great when i am lying down , portions of the canopies of the trees growing in my backyard... a bael tree , a jamun and a neem across the lane .... a green soothing skyline for a lazy potato ..:)

    Jaya ,

    Thanks and welcome to this space ....

  5. Good things happen to good people. :-)

  6. Hey what is the name of the book?
    Loved the mats. Loved the way you celebrated Diwali!
    loved the things u did for your neighbour!!
    malathi S

  7. Malathi.... the book is Three Junes by Julia Glass ... the book under that one is The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh ...

    Thanks for all the complements.

  8. Dear Sangeeta,
    God Bless You!
    Need I say any more?

  9. Those cushions are looking lovely :)and I am so pleased to hear about the way you are giving a positive influence in so many people's life. This is a small example of how life is like a echo..whatever you give out comes back to you....These people did not just appear out of the blue you said , you had invested your time and energy for them and that to totally selflessly. you have been giving out positivity for such a long time even at the cost of your our own health at times...all this is well earned.

  10. Thank you Amrita... you know it too well :)
    Our health has to be the prime concern right now cuz it's giving tough time.

  11. Very beautiful crafting.. wonderful idea..

  12. Hi sangita,

    YOur cushion covers are lovely. I was thinking u very much on the diwali day,though i did not celebrate mucht his year owing to the demise of 2important women in my life. One was our guruma and the other was my lovely neighbour,
    friend ,philosopher and guide NIrmala aunty. By the way pl postsome p ictures of ur garden. Me and sundar are crazy about anything that is green

  13. Thanks post with my garden pics ...promise.

  14. sangeeta, great cushions, looking lovely and you are such a precious person to have brought so much happiness to your friends. I am sure your Diwali must have been really good!!