Saturday, September 25, 2010

thank you...

I said Thank you to a few people who responded immediately after seeing my last post , I didn't know how to react actually... so Thank you for the few moments you diverted your mind towards this. I actually didn't want many people to see this but at that time my mind was not on those things , that is ,the places this feed ( blogposts ) goes to and who all will be reading it immediately ....

I received a few , actually more than i had imagined , mails within the first hour of posting the previous one .... and to all of you ...hey i am all right !!

You know i am a strong girl , the only thing is ...that strength comes when i feel weak and is actually a defense mechanism to the weakness , does it work that way ?? Always ?? With all of you ??
Don't know but it works like that for me.

The post was probably a confrontation with the grief , i know i will never be out of the past but yes i feel the past and the loss will not be as painful for me now.... it should become a routine thing for me to think about her and to think about her with a smiling face , a beaming heart ......she was a special gift to me ... and moreover , she will be with me all my life...

In the future too i will never stop myself from sharing my experiences with Mithi , but i know it will not be painful for me ... as i really want to share so many things so that i can make people understand that a child should get all the love and affection no matter how he/she looks or whether is a special child by any means.....

I want to share my own experiences of how i tried and succeeded ( as much is humanly possible ) in making a child happy and it's not difficult at all and most importantly , the sense of contentment it gives you .... you are a contented parent when your child is a happy child and connects with you well.

As a parent i am really really happy and contented , my daughter was a well behaved good girl , i don't call her my angel without a reason.


  1. you and your blog have very special place in my life.
    wish you all the best....

  2. Ohh Mithi deserved all the love and more. She indeed was an angel and she will be still smiling thinking of her rocking mom who gave her the best of everything.

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  4. Thanks Nirupama ...for having us in your thoughts most of all.

    I have actually been thinking about exactly this kind of a thing ( and now i wonder how you happened to suggest the same ) . A blind school is there which is walking distance from my place and i have wanted to go there n work for them ever since we came here. In the mean time i met a blind lady who became my friend and used to share her emotional insecurities with me n i tried to be useful for her , but i realized two very painful things interacting with her ... one that the blind children are not counseled for the adult life and social relationships and end up being cheated many a times . Secondly as i got to know from her that this particular blind school has some employees who actually molest children ( this friend is an alumnus of that school ) ...Now the thing is , i do not want to jump into it unprepared ... as for now i feel i will be so emotionally charged up that i will not be able to do the right thing needed , i hope you get my point .
    I am hoping of doing some or the other kind of useful work for them or in some other field may take some time though.

  5. sangita, i understand ur feelings, and appreciate. ur blogs keep u busy , carry on. time will give u the best solution
    take care bye


  7. sangeeta your sweet comment on PED AUR PATJHAD made my day........

    Thanks dear .

  8. i was doing some correction now you can see it............
    it was so sweet of you .
    Bless you.