Sunday, November 30, 2008

angel usual she was looking around and waiting for me to get up,and as i got up and came closer... she gave me that unbelievable smile, and this has become my good morning moment day after day.That smile is unbelievable because it is the affirmation of her love for me,because it's only for me and because nobody else is able to decipher that smile,a small stretch in the corner of the upper lip and a tiny dimple over that, blink and you miss............................

Every day for the last 7 yrs her smile is my good morning moment, first thing in the morning, n it keeps me going,through the day and now through my life too.

Her eyes follow me throughout the day,her vision blurred,neck limping towards right and limbs distorted........she is the most beautiful child on earth.

I still remember the day when i confirmed being pregnant with her,it was the happiest day of our life....for me and my husband,Arvind. we had married against the wish of our parents,struggled really hard to be happy together....this was the moment to celebrate another happiness. little did we know what future had in store for us. A happy and comfortable pregnancy later on and she was born on the 11nth of May2001.

Arvind was on cloud nine....she was so beautiful....always smiling....
one very specific thing which i remember about her is that whenever i took her in my lap,she will constantly look at my face,touching my eyes,nose or lips...........often i used to sing songs for her and as soon as i would stop she would bring her finger to my lips to tell me to start singing again.


  1. Dear Sangeeta
    I posted a comment on the latest blog without coming here. It was like climbing the tree from the top. I shall buzz from this computer till I finish all postings.Please edit ...because I am in "talking to you" mode.
    Happy Deepavali

  2. Beautiful post and what an amazing record. This is what I love the best about blogging.

  3. Beautiful. You have enjoyed a beauty that people seldom get to enjoy or miss it in the mad rush of life. The way you described her and her smile, she indeed seems to be the most beautiful girl in the world!

    1. Yes Anita, Mithi was the most beautiful child I have ever seen. It was not about her features, something about the way she looked at me and that pure angelic calm that she had.