Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Faithfully your's | an exhibition of photos and art installations by some young artists...

Some believe in magic and some in dreams. Most of us believe in prayers as well. Some of us would travel long distances to go to a temple or shrine and 'offer' our prayers and some of us would just sit under a tree, 'connect' with the universe and call it a prayer. It is the faith that takes us there, the belief in the magic that we perform in our head.

I was quite inquisitive when I got to know about the theme of a photo exhibition happening with Faith as a theme. Pictures of Banaras ghats and sadhus, devotees ate Golden temple Amritsar and langar experiences came into my imagination as I have always watched people connecting with their God in a certain predefined way. There was this curiosity how creative people will connect two dimensional visuals with faith. I had known about this exhibition since a couple of months. The wait is over as it is going on at the Arpana Caur art gallery in Delhi till the 17th of March.

A group of artists and photographers have participated in it and deciphered faith in their own unique ways. You would see the works of V. J. Sharma, Ambika Sethi, Augustus Mithal, Rajesh Ramnakrishnan, Rajan Sharma, Shilpi Chaudhury and Shivani Punia.

Some of the pictures are so powerful in it's impact that they can change the vibes of a place. You would want to sit close to the overpowering picture exuding faith and calmness. A pandit distributing prasad in a temple was one such photo that has been on my mind since I returned for the exhibition. I wish I had a large wall in my work space to bring that calmness inducing picture here. Clicked a picture of the framed photo with my cellphone.

 Faith certainly plays a role in our wellness, though process and relationships. You feel it once you are touched by it.

See how the photographer sees glimpses of faith in this picture too..

I know V. J. Sharma of Photojourney and have been truly impressed with his work ever since I have known him. He is as impressive in this exhibition as well. Theother young artists who are displaying their work in the exhibition are brilliant as well. Go and check out if you like artwork that is realistic and yet calming for the tired nerves.

Imagine some images.. A cow standing in the middle of road and staring at you like she knows you. A young kid reading from a book by the stairs in a mosque or a serene temple where it seems only trees come to pray. I had a good time reading between the lines and getting lost between the shades of brilliant colors at the exhibition.

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  1. Thanks Sangeeta for joining us at the gallery and sharing your encouraging words !!!