Thursday, April 7, 2011

soft .... and dangerous...

                                             Thursday challenge
                                     "SOFT" (Pillows, Toys, Snow, Baby, Focus,...)
Nature provides some kind of protection to all the soft creatures....I spotted one such baby today....soft and dangerous...

Take a closer look her belly looks soft ... it is a very poisonous bee like insect which makes a hive looking like a mud hive .... these are very common around my place as there are many plants and trees ...i have funny experiences with these insects...

I used to be very courageous and pick them up by hands whenever they came anywhere near Mithi ..... I was terrified that they might sting her and used to shoo them off any which way possible.... i got very close to this one today too ... and was taken unaware when she just sprinted towards my face  :)

You know what i was doing ?
I tried to shoo her off by a very indigenous method... blowing by my mouth ...phoonk maar ke ...:)

Now another softy gone dangerous...potted this time....

Armed for the possible dangers....
Both of these creatures...and both of these are looking just beautiful...aren't they ?


  1. nature has its own way of arming the vulnerables - the adage of surrvival of the fittest is ooo true !

  2. absolutely....Thanks Priya...

  3. Very creative!! My husband saw the pics and his first reaction was "These are soft?" and then we read your captions... beautiful take on gorgeous photos!!
    Love the light in the first one.

  4. these are very very sharp....lolz on the reaction.

  5. nice to watch
    unnice to touch
    just admire from a distance '-)

  6. very nice captures looks quite professional

  7. Thank you Ushnish...coming from you , a complement means a lot to me.

  8. Dear Sangeeta!!
    i was expecting some soft toy designs when i saw the title.
    and imagine if the bee/wasp would have 'phoonk maroed' you instead, you would have angelina jolie lips..hahaha just recently i read that her lips r called 'bee stung lips'
    Lovely capture
    malathi S

  9. Ha ha...Malathi this is so funny.
    Angelina Jolie lips ... i know it's called bee stung lips and sometimes they (actresses)do apply cinnamon oil for this look..

    The sting would have made my lips SOFT for sure :)

  10. Oh the picture made me remember God I have bitten by these so many times i cant tell you.. We use to have a garage and they would make nest and for some reason each time it was my turn to do fielding while playing cricket the ball would go in there and me getting stung .. :)


  11. Lolz.. know even i have been stung by these . There is one more smaller variety who has stung me quite a few times thanks to my habit of stepping in the wrong places .. in the garden .
    So many times that i have become almost immune to bee sting :)
    first few times i used to get fevers and an arm swollen n all ...