Thursday, March 24, 2011

the verdant nature....

                                              Thursday challenge

                                  "GREEN" (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,...)
The theme is green and all i can think is the viridity spilled by nature all around me...There are so many green pictures of my plants that i am in a fix ..

I chose the pictures where i have shot the apex of the plant , the parts which inspire me the most . This is the part of the plant which decides growth , the part where the cells not only divide and multiply in numbers , but they differentiate to make the leaves , the flowers and many more parts of the plant...varying in form and color...

See these Poinsettia crown of leaves ...surrounding the tiny petal less flowers...
Red hot or a hot green ?

 And this is a holy basil inflorescence .... krishna tulsi ...the leaves are purple green and the tiny flowers are beautiful purple....a delicate tall inflorescence .....

Now comes the sweet basil...white flowers making a tall and sturdy inflorescence ...

And here comes the Thai basil ... a deep purple compact inflorescence ...

So many colors provided by the verdant nature ...... the greens taking on such beautiful colors if accommodating for the new challenges .Green pigments of the plants actually do synthesize new pigments of other colors so that they can trap all the colors of light...fascinating ...isn't it ?

Look at this rose bud ...coming up to face the world...the leaves are spattered with dust after a dust storm what if the time of the birth is not right for our little rose has to come and change the world...

And change the world it does...

 Green is the master healer as far as the color is concerned , the green pigment is a starting point of the food chain ....the most powerful .
A silent power.
And see how it gives way to other colors 
Why does the green mango turns a golden yellow after a while ... because it has to take on a new role ... a new duty ...


  1. Beautiful post! Love the way u fill in words and expressions on ur picture posts :)

  2. Lovely different shades of green .. the rose looks lovely .. I am waiting for the summers t hit us so my garden can go to bloom again at the moment its all dead :(


  3. Flowers inspire indeed, as do your photographs!

  4. That's some super photography... love the way you've caught the colours.

  5. Brilliant splurge of colors on your blog... Nicely captured :)

    Through the Looking Glass
    Chicken soup for the Mental Souls

  6. Beautiful photographs!!!!!! Love the first one and the one with ... Krishna Tulsi.. actually I like each one of these!! Let em go through the post now.

  7. sangita, lovely, my honorable professor, u continue to educate me. hats off

  8. Thanks Nirupama ...please don't embarrass me :)

  9. Lovely pics and lovelier words!! The Krishna Tulsi and Thai Basil are eye catching!

  10. Beautiful color is so soothing..and Abundant green shades found in nature. Some of which you have so masterfully captured ;) great !