Thursday, February 24, 2011

movement immobilised in stone....

         "MOVEMENT" (Shaking, Falling, Bouncing, Jumping, Curling, Sagging,...)
 The ultimate sign of movement , the wheel , whose discovery gave a fast pace to human civilization.....

 Set in stone , immobilised for ever...

This picture is from the Sun Temple of Gwalior , yes, there is a sun temple in Gwalior too.

This temple disappointed me hugely when i went there having high expectations , having seen and admired the konark sun temple years ago.

This is a modern temple build on the lines of the ancient sun temple of konark , the place is quite peaceful , surrounded with greenery and birds but it cannot match the aura and vibes of the ancient konark sun temple.... the visit was a huge disappointment actually...


  1. Even though the visit was a disappointment, it still captured a movement immobilized in time!!

    Loved the caption!!

  2. this picture.... movement put to stand.... makes me wonder where those weels want to ride to...

  3. it seems u r a thorough creative out or in between in n out ... food n nature r the most critical n sensitive issues u handled them so balanced

  4. Thank you everybody...

    @IHM...yes even though i didn't like the temple , i found a few nice things there...

    @ melody Music...those wheels are from the chariot of the Sun , as it is depicted in the i guess they are supposed to be the wheels of energy ( Sun is the source of all energy for our planet)...:)

    @Anonymous...Thank you for this huge complement made my day...

  5. Oh!!!....:) :)
    What an interesting interpretation of "movement"... I was totally taken by surprise. I really liked this :)

  6. Hi Sangeeta,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog that has been passive since 2009. I dont get to write more on ecology stuff (my base subject). However,
    you can visit my other blogs that are much more active: Fotographia and Musings of a Mindless Critter. The links are given below:

    And I dropped by yours esp to say that this post is too good.. I liked most of the pics and the cactus and big hanging flower bunch..!

  7. Not visited the place; hv visited Konark too and that's amazing :)

    Awesome pic though :)