Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Bracelet .... a fantasy journey into the mystical world...

The invitation to the book launch was quite tempting but i had not attended any book launch before this and i was in two minds about going to be a part of it . Half of a Sunday was to be sacrificed and it was not my idea of having a good time till now. A call from a great blogger friend got me thinking and i decided to give it a try . She generously picked me up and after a long and invigorating chit chat along the 1 hour drive we reached the venue to find a cute guy greeting us introducing himself as the kid # 2 ( Kartik ) of the lovely and vivacious Phoenixritu .

Ishaan Lalit , the kid # 1 is the author of this gripping fantasy woven around two mystical groups on war .... 27 year old Ishaan is a pilot and the first impression makes you think that the book must be a kid lit written for fun by a pampered cute looking guy ( sorry ). How wrong i was with my first impression as the book turned out to be a well crafted fantasy , actually it is a semi science fiction as there is some time travel and some brain shuffling too... when i picked up the book i was heavily prejudiced to think it as a kido literature , felt that the beginning was a bit slow ...but as i moved through the pages the book gripped me till i reached the last page .... a pleasant surprise to be honest.

I would recommend the book for all age groups , probably the teenagers and some grown up kids may find it more interesting than the insomniac minds of adults ... what ?? You still are a kid ?? Just go buy the book and read it in one go....


  1. Thanks Sangeeta. LOL, so they look cute and pampered ROFL. They will be so pleased. Yes it is a PG 13 tale, but I feel that even adults will find it interesting. It is certainly well crafted

  2. They really look cute and pampered ...nothing like a writer and his agent :)

    Yes , i feel all those adults who still have a child inside their heart would love this book.

  3. This seems to be just the perfect book for me right now :)

  4. I loved the book too, and am beginning to write my review now.

  5. Sangeeta,

    Thanks for the review. I am the publisher of Ishaan's book and my experience was exactly the same: once I started reading i couldn't pt it down till the very end. Surely one of the best books that we have published so far. Have you read Ripples? It has a story by Ritu.


  6. Hi Sangeeta,
    I enjoy reading all your blogs. I keep waiting for a new post. Keep it up.

  7. thank Prashant .... I am so impressed with myself that the publisher himself has come to my blog :)

    I haven't yet read Ripples , hope to read it soon.

    Thank you Chitra for commenting to inform me that you read all my blogs . It's such a pleasure for me .

  8. I hadn't come across this one! Thanks!