Sunday, December 27, 2009

small little things to be happy

However busy i am , i can find ways to be happy........ each day a new happiness .....big or small , happiness has no measure and i always believe that when i have decided to think positive and work towards it , nobody can stop me .....the initiative towards the actual working may get postponed , delayed or disturbed ....if it's on my mind , i shall do it ...sooner or later..

Many a times i have discussed it with my friends that if you are engaged in something requiring manual skill....working with your hands in a rhythmic manner , it relieves you of your stress . Think of playing a musical instrument , painting , pottery ,  knitting or any kind of needlecraft , molding something to create a new fills you up with a sense of achievement , a sense of control and above all a sense of happiness.......a very infectious happiness , because when you are happy , you receive more smiles .simply because you spread more smiles...........

I like doing many things , depending on my whims .............and depending on what the day to day routine allows me to do....i went for shopping yesterday and after returning , was obviously exhausted ...had to feed Mithi and to cook for ourselves too...and had to watch the finale of Big Boss too....after preparing Mithi's food n feeding her n doing a few more chores i just looked at an empty carton of darjeeling tea ( which i had kept for making a medicine box to be placed on the dining table......i keep forgetting my medicines and it has to be kept in the most frequented place as a visible reminder ) ...............checked out the threads n needle and a few denim scraps i keep stashing into a bag every time we buy a new jeans and it's length is altered............
i just sat with it for the next hour watching the Big Boss finale.......cutting pieces from the scraps , threading the needle and piercing the hard fabric with my cracked hurts in winters you know....:)

I realised the time when Arvind said he is feeling hungry n if i had cooked the dinner ........ i hurried to finish the medicine box and got up to prepare a quick dinner later ..........

The final product was not a very fancy and neat piece but it made me incredibly happy....i had done something like this after years , especially this quick.....i have been in a habit to finish a painting or a craft piece in one sitting ( sometimes it used to be several hours for a sitting ) just acting on a whim worked for me always and it worked this time too.........see how it looks .....i placed a flower pot with my garden's red chrysanthemums in it for the pictures..........

and here it is with my medicines.............

posing with a pot of cactus...the cactus is planted in a coconut shell to fit in this beautiful bamboo basket , i love all handmade things.......

and here it goes to be placed where it was meant to be.....

Since it was done in just one hour , you will see a lack of finesse and i am showing you the seems too........

just in case you want to make it yourself..........

The crochet doily which can be seen in the background , is made by my maid , who was a pretty teenage girl and i taught her the school subjects as well as the crafts i knew ..... she made many woolens for herself and her family at my place and this doily she made for me ...... i discovered this in a forgotten carton where it was stashed to protect some glassware during our last transfer , which was opened to search something we needed ......... i am using this piece on my dining table these days and it is featuring in some of my food photographs too.........

Three reasons to be happy in this post ......plants can make me happy any day !!!


  1. sangeeta wow its so beautiful,keep it up .Wish you all a very happy new year .

    mind to apane hee hath me hai jis raah chalaenge chal deta hai .
    khush rahana bahut jarooree hai.

  2. Beautiful!
    Lovely pictures too.
    After doing so much modelling, that box must have become very
    Hope that this spontaneous spurt of creativity grows into a steady flow...
    Anyone who has ever indulged in any form of creative work would agree with you that it does have a therapeutic effect.

    It is my belief that there is scope to be creative, however debilitating the circumstance might be. Also,you don't have to "LOOK" for creativity!!!.....your creativity will "FIND" you, if you give it even half a chance!!

  3. Your last line is so true Amrita !!
    thank you for the appreciation...did you like the stitching details too ??

  4. You made that yourself? Hein?

    Wonder Woman!

    I wouldn't be able to do that in a lifetime!

  5. lovely..the satisfaction of creating something on your own is incredible..and the sense of achievement is so fulfillling..keep posting ideas like this, I just love them.

  6. wow sangeeta.. it is superb.

    I want to know how did u make it..

  7. Every year brings with it new challenges and opportunities. May you rise up to the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. My best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010.

  8. Wish you find happiness in everything you do this year in 2010!

  9. Love handmade things over store bought anytime....Love the box u made....I too love to do to end my day with bit of craft when eveyone else in the house goes to sleep, the satisfaction of creating something that too from the waste stuff is amazing....neat & good idea....

    Hugs & kisses to Meethi.....

  10. Happy lohdee and makar sankranti Sangeeta .
    With best wishes