Monday, March 2, 2009

ratna banerji is a dear friend of mine who wrote these beautiful words to me after reading my previous post and again i feel lucky that i find a few good people around me who strengthen my belief in my own value system.............i felt like i wanted to preserve these words with me on this very space so i copied n pasted it here as it is..........she has written a few bangla words but i want to keep it as it is.......

surely deserving a separate post.....

Tumi khub sundor likhecho.asole amader negative feeling gulo na chaitei khub sahoje ese jae,
kintu positive feelings gulo ke chesta kore ante hoy.sei chesta ta habit e transfer korte
samoy lage.
Tomake ekta boier naam bolchi, parle poro,

okhane uni bolchen "action is an expression of thought,thought is an expression of our belief."

thought ase information, experience,belief system & sanskar theke.hence the consequential aftereffects
of thought towards sanskar is as follows:

thought > feelings & emotion > attitude > action > habit > personality > destiny > sanskar.

uni bolchen..." you are your enemy and you are your friend.A mind that encourages you to go
forward wisely is a true friend.A mind that discourages you is truly an enemy.constantly be
alert to who is guiding your life

amader thought process e thik kare amader feelings positive habe na negetive habe.
tomar kache je banana seller ese chilo, tar purono kono experience tar belief system take mould kore dieche,
tai sekhan theke o berie aste parche na.ekta abiswas kaj korche sakoler oporei.

tai ekhane swami sukhabodhanando bolchen," let the center of your life be trust and the periphery be doubt.
but if the center of your life is doubt and periphery trust then you are in a wrong state.
so fine tune your life in deep trust.

negetive thinking to sakoleri ase, asbei.kintu seta je negetive eta feel korte paratai kichuta positive progress
nahole besirbhag manus bujhtei parena je tar thought process tar activities negative thinking er result.


  1. Great one..I understood somewhat of it..:)

  2. New comer..Understood a little bit of talks more of you..the mind and the soul, I guess....
    Nice picture of your angel..She is beautiful... ...Please feel free to drop by at my blog...when you get some free time in this busy world....